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Our 42 Day Intensive Course
The Ultimate Fashion Blogging Shortcut!
Learn how to start and grow a wildly successful fashion blog in under 42 days!
Step by step instructions and mentoring from a successful fashion blogger!

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Corey Lupton, 
Founder of
"If you follow and implement these steps, in 42 days you will be living off your fashion blogs' income.. Guaranteed"
About "The Blogger Memoir" Course
From: Corey Lupton,
Founder of

If you accept this proposal, it will cost you exactly $397
That’s the “bad news”.

Now For The Good News…

In exchange for this minuscule investment, I am going to give you the greatest gift I could ever give someone who is or wants to do fashion blogging.

It’s the key to my “success”…

A literal treasure trove of systems and shortcuts to spark growth in any fashion blog.. With these systems and shortcuts, you can gain real followers, get invited to all the fashion week events and earn enough income to live off your blog!

And I’m going to let you have them…


…(plus a whole lot more)…

I’ll tell you why in a bit, but first, I have a question for you…

Are You Just “Winging It?”


Practicing “hope and pray” for getting followers, views, brand deals and income?

Or do you have a clear-cut plan to grow your blog?

If you are “winging it,” don’t feel bad…you’re not alone. 
For the better part of my career in the fashion industry, that’s what I did too.
And for a while, it worked.

In the early days, when I first began fashion blogging…
My initial few blogs were small and social media hadn't developed and become as competitive, “winging it” got the job done. But as years have gone on, “winging it” just doesn't cut it anymore.

So I Did Something Most Fashion Bloggers Only Wish They Would Think Of…

I researched and created formulas to work out overall income generated by fashion bloggers and studied the revenue paths, influence created and work required. After years of trial, error and research I started to notice a pattern in all successful fashion bloggers.

What Did I Do With This Information?

I didn't lock it up, that's for sure. I analysed the numbers and came up with a series of formulas, informational videos and checklists that guarantee follower and income growth...

For example:

I analysed what income methods are available to fashion bloggers and cross referenced them with discussions with many of the world’s top fashion bloggers to learn what methods work and what ones don’t.

I created a formula that allows you to see how much can be made off each view you receive and then how to use ads to get views for less cost to you than what you earn from them! A mathematic formula for predictable and scalable income!

I researched, trialed and documented ALL the methods and strategies that can be used to gain followers, views, brand deals and income. The good, the frowned upon, the easy and the hard. So I can give you all the options, no matter what!

I learnt so much as well found re-occurring “hacks” used by all successful fashion bloggers, that…

I put together a 21-step guide on how to launch a WILDLY SUCCESSFUL fashion blog in 42 days…

That’s right, I took all the information I have learnt, and been taught from the world’s top fashion bloggers.
Years of information, trial and error, researching and interviews have been analysed and sorted through to bring you a simple yet comprehensive 21 step guide that will teach you to be living off your fashion blog income within 42 days!

…I walk you through the entire process, from deciding what content to make and to being a full-time fashion blogger!

Virtually every aspect of content creation, marketing, monetizing and growing a successful fashion blog from creation is documented in step-by-step detail for you to see.

    I created systems…
    I created checklists…
    I created reports…
    I created “cheat sheets”…
    I created standard operating procedures…

In short, I “McDonald-ized” all aspects of creating, marketing, growing and monetizing a fashion blog.

Now I want to give this information to YOU.

Introducing "The Blogger Memoir Course"

The Blogger Memoir Course is a proven and tested 6 week online implementation program which teaches you exactly how to start a wildly profitable fashion blog and start living off it within 42 days.

The information is sent to you weekly as well as correspondence from Corey Lupton to see how you’re going. You can complete the training in your own time from anywhere in the world and even fit it in around a 9-5 job.
This is not your typical "course". This is a proven implementation program where you follow steps to setup your very own wildly profitable fashion blog within 6 weeks time. That’s right, you can be living off the income your blog generates in only 6 weeks from today!

I’m not joking, it’s as simple as that…

I’m not saying that by getting this course you will instantly be successful like magic, this is not some get rich quick idea…

But if you follow and implement these lessons, for only 42 days… You will be, you will have a fashion blog growing in views, creating enough income to live off. Guaranteed.

It doesn't matter if you don't have any tech skills or digital marketing skills, or even any fashion or blogging skills! Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

In just six weeks here's what you'll get:

Week One: An Introduction To Fashion Blogging

- An overview of fashion blogging, secrets explained
- Everything you need to know and common misconceptions
- Defining your blog and contents core purpose
- How to set up and create a successful social and web presence
Most people spend 3+ years on this and still get it WRONG!
(It took me over 3 years to learn this important lesson)

This is the foundation of your blog and it is fatal if you don’t get it right! We get this dialed in within the first 7 days!

Week Two: Picking And Mastering Your Niche

- Defining your core viewer so that you convert at 25% right out of the gate
- Learn what content and monetization methods appeal directly to your viewer
- Full and complete monetization methods at bloggers disposal as well as average value per activity
If you mess this part up you will generate views but get no conversions and literally leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

I train you to be at the top of your game and earn money at 25% of all views within 14 days of starting.

Week Three: Creating Successful Content

- 3 Proven methods for getting large amounts of real views and followers as quickly as possible without spending a dime on advertising
- We want to get you your first paycheck within the first 30 days of starting this training program before touching ads and this is how we do that!
    Method 1 – Video And Blogs (proven template)
    Method 2 - Direct Outreach Email (proven template)
    Method 3 - Organic Social Media Posts (proven template)
- Most people spend 2 years before they even make a cent off their blog and that is, if they do. We get you rocking within your first 21 days of starting this program and without spending a dime on paid advertising!

Week Four: Mastering The Monetization

- Full step by step training on how to setup our proven income earning machine
- Templates of all the resources that actually work!
- My script and slides that I use! So you just swap out my information and use it!
To build this yourself would take over 300 hours and cost you over $20,000. In this training program I hand you it all on a silver platter and we get you up and running within the first 28 days!

Week Five: Setting Up Your Income Earning Machine

- Access to all the software required to set this up so that it works just like mine
- All the legals you need to run your blog: contracts, proposal templates, terms and condition etc. (Save $5,000 in lawyers fee’s)
- How to position yourself as an expert in your niche and command higher income
- Automated sequences to run your email and other marketing on auto pilot

Week Six: Using Ads And Scaling Your Income

- Once you’ve got your monetization method live it’s time to start driving some traffic through it and really scaling your blog!
- Exactly what content you can make that will be successful!
- FULL step by step training on how to setup wildly successful ad campaigns that returns instantly return
- Proven templates for ads, instructions on how to setup your targeting, pitfalls to watch out for and training on how to manage everything day-to-day
- Most people try online ads on their own and spend 6 months and tens of thousands of dollars trying to get it right before giving up with a pile of debt and frustration. We get it dialed in within 5 weeks of working together!

You Also Get...
The Ultimate Walk Through To Getting Invited To Fashion Week
Our Social Media Blueprint Master Guide
Step By Step Tutorial And Template To Land Any Brand Deal
A One On One Blog Critique And Recommendation From Corey Lupton

Here's A Summary Of Everything You'll Get:

The Blogger Memoir 6-Week Implementation Program 
The Ultimate Walk Through To Getting Invited To Fashion Week
Our Social Media Blueprint Master Guide
Step By Step Tutorial And Template To Land Any Brand Deal
A One On One Blog Critique And Recommendation From Corey Lupton

Today you can gain instant access for $397


If you do this program you WILL earn a income worth at least $397/month within 42 days. If you do this program, take the action and DO NOT get an income worth at least $397/month then I will give you a full immediate refund, let you keep the course materials AND cut you a personal check for $100 as my way for apologising for wasting your time. I stand behind this programme 110% and that’s why I am not afraid to make this bold guarantee.The only way you can possibly loose is by not trying this out!!

Get Started Now Before This Course Fills Up!

The offer is usually $1,997 and if you want to purchase at any time other than right now you will pay $1,997
TODAY ONLY you can get access to everything for $397

There are only 100 seats available in this program and once we hit 100 we're CLOSING this down
YOU must HURRY if you want to secure you seat in this program - this will sell out extremely fast

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